[PR & New Media] Webcast - What is Social Media

The webcast is made mostly of random pictures from web, thanks to Google Image.com.

I try to use as simple and direct expressions as I can to explain the definition of social media, to my (potential) clients who know nothing about it.

My idea about social media is a platform, where everybody can share everything with everyone else, with no restrictions such as time and space differences.

However, as it says in Virtual Revolution, the new technology is just a new way of reflections of human behaviours, and human nature is not going to change because of that.

As long as human exists, no matter it's social media or some other kind of new technology, good & evil exist.


Yushau said...

It sound more like a documentary when a clip with with PR personality was introduced abruptly in the video abruptly. The rhyme of your narration is balance with your presentation. I like this too.


mengluwang said...

great video!
Good pictures
Good explanations
Great presentation about social media

Stephanie said...

I am impressed by your webcast~
Its a great fun to watch your video while learning sth about social media, well done~!